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Easterling Veterinary Services at 2233 Texas 90 in Madisonville, Texas

Easterling Veterinary Services is healthcare, which located in Texas. They address is 2233 Texas 90.
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Phone: +1 936-348-3645


2233 Texas 90,
Madisonville, Texas
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Customer Reviews about Easterling Veterinary Services

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    So I'm really frustrated and confused... I been with the same vet Easterling in Madisonville for 24yrs, Denises parents were absolutely amazing vets and had huge loving caring hearts not only for the animals they treated but also their customers, now Denise and her staff are not like that, many years ago we took our champion bloodline Rottweiler pups in for a 6 week check up, the next day 1 of our males face was swollen so bad not only did he not look like a Rottweiler but he was having a hard time breathing and swollowing, when we called Denise she automatically says sounds like puppy strangles, we just had a bad case of it a few days before yall came in, so we take the pup in and sure enough.. puppy strangles, now knowing we contracted it from her office we were still charged full price for visit and paid full price everytime we took the pup back for about 7 months, now let's fast forward to last yr, our Sophie was attacked and almost lost her life, we take her to Denise, she gives her a sedative, gives her fluids and I think pain meds, she said Sophie may lose her leg, they kept her overnight then called us and said come get her she is agressive, so we go to pick her up she is still covered in shit, mud , dried blood etc. So Denise never cleaned her up or shaved the wound areas or cleaned them while she had her under, now let's bring it to present... we spend 292.00 a month to get our babies their flea, tick and heartworm meds, I had written a check for her to hold till the 1st cause that is when we get paid, well on the 4th it still had not cleared my account and I now need my babies next month treatment so I gave her my credit card and ask for the check, well she ran the card and said s he had put check in the bag with the meds, 1 day later she runs the check also, now I am 325.00 overdrawn because of course there is a 35.00 fee with the bank.. I called them and not only do they refuse to give me my money back for their fuck up, they are treating me like it's my fault and telling me they are done with me.... I have never been so hurt, distespected, or confused as to wtf is going on... but I guess on a positive note the little blonde lady there I always thought was rude appoligized to me for her mistake and said very sorry if she seemed rude to me she never ment it that way, to me that makes her very sweet and big hearted and I appreciate her for that, I also found out that Tina the one I always thought was the most amazing one is actually the BIGGEST FUCKING BITCH THERE. All I can say is good Riddens Dr Denise Easterling, I know your parents are rolling in there Graves for the way you are treating some if not many of their very loyal customers and I hope you get done as wrong as you did me and my family!!!!
    September 10, 2019
    by Rhonda
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Easterling Veterinary Services is located at 2233 Texas 90, Madisonville, Texas.